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What You Should Know About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

What You Should Know About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery is an operation to treat or reverse certain conditions without the trauma, hospitalization, and scarring of traditional procedures. It involves making a small incision and using small instruments and microscopic cameras. Tubular retractors, screws and rods, and the use of certain access routes can minimize trauma during these operations. Minimally invasive spine surgeries might include:

  1. Discetomy
  2. Spinal decompression
  3. Lumbar and spinal fusions


There are many conditions that can be treated using minimally invasive spine surgery. These conditions could include:

  1. Degenerative disc disease
  2. Herniated disc
  3. Lumbar spinal stenosis
  4. Spinal deformities, such as scoliosis
  5. Spinal infections
  6. Spinal instabilities
  7. Vertebral compression fractures
  8. Spinal tumors


The benefits of minimally invasive surgeries to patients suffering from these spinal conditions are numerous. They include, but are not limited to:

  1. Quicker surgeries
  2. Shorter postoperative recovery times
  3. Increased safety, due to the smaller incisions
  4. Reduced trauma to muscles and soft tissues
  5. Reduced risk of complications, such as infections and postoperative pain
  6. Minimal scarring, due to the smaller incisions
  7. Less blood loss during surgery
  8. Reduced risk of muscle damage
  9. Less rehabilitation required
  10. Less reliance on pain medications following surgery
  11. Less risk for adverse reactions to general anesthesia, due to only using local anesthesia
What You Should Know About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


To reap the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery, you need to find an expert surgeon who is experienced in these types of operations. Dr. Paul M. Brisson is the top spine surgeon in New York. His office in New York, New York, specializes in operations to treat back pain and neck pain. We turn to minimally invasive procedures first, and can also offer bloodless spine surgery for your back pain. We offer a variety of treatments in addition to surgical procedures, including:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Massage
  3. Heat or cold compresses
  4. Pain medications
  5. Steroid injections

Contact New York Spine Care today to schedule a consultation for your back and neck pain treatment.

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