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Types of Back Pain Treatment by Manhattan Spine Surgeon

Back pain can range in intensity. From moderate aches to severe and debilitating pain, your local Manhattan spine surgeon wants you to know there is help.


There are plenty of issues that can trigger back pain. In fact, we have all experienced at least mild forms of back pain at least once in our lives. For example, sleeping wrong, constantly hunching over a computer keyboard, or poor posture can lead to minor back pain. However, there are also injuries and illnesses that can lead to intense back pain. Degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and disc herniation can all cause intensely debilitating back pain.


Your Manhattan spine surgeon knows when a situation merits an invasive surgical treatment. However, Dr. Brisson believes surgery should be the last option when it comes to helping you heal.

To determine which treatment regimen is best for you, your Manhattan spine surgeon will fully evaluate your condition. This includes a full physical and neurological health examination. X-rays or MRIs may also be requested. As a spinal specialist, Dr. Brisson wants to help you mend as quickly as possible.

After your evaluation, Dr. Brisson will discuss the potential types of back pain treatment that may help relieve or eliminate your symptoms. Treatment may include pain medication, anti-inflammatory drugs, topical ointments, corticosteroid injects, or surgery. Treatment may also include physical therapy, practicing certain exercises, or other lifestyle change assistance.

Certain conditions, like degenerative disc disease, cannot be cured. However, there are types of back pain treatment procedures that can help reduce pain and slow the diseases progress. In this case, steroid shots, physical therapy, surgery or a combination of some or all procedures may be recommended.


Your Manhattan spine surgeon, Dr. Brisson, wants to help you live free of back pain. As New York City’s top orthopedic surgeon and spine specialist, Dr. Brisson believes each case deserves the best care possible.

When it comes to your spine, quality, professional, and experienced care is important. After all, your spine protects the vast majority of your nerves. Any damages or pains felt in or around your spine are cause for concern.

Whether you have tried everything or not, Dr. Brisson may be able to help. Every patient treated by Dr. Brisson receives the same professional, courteous, and respectful service.

If you are tired of living with back pain, contact Dr. Brisson’s office today.

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