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Top Signs It May Be Time to Visit a New York Spine Doctor

Life becomes a pain when you can’t do normal daily activities like walking your dog or tying your shoelaces because your back hurts too much. Back pain can cause havoc in your life if you don’t seek proper treatment. Looking for the signs is key to knowing when to visit a spinal surgeon and finally figuring out if surgery is essential for you.



You might wonder: how do you know when to seek a spinal surgeon? Experiencing lower back pain is one reason to seek medical help with a spinal surgeon if the pain doesn’t go away. Some lower back pain symptoms could include the following:

  1. Lowers your ability to move around
  2. The feeling of weakness or numbness
  3. Tingling sensations
  4. Nerve pain that radiates down your leg or what’s also known as Sciatica

However, there are more serious medical symptoms that will scream at you to seek medical attention. This occurs when sudden back pain follows these symptoms:

  1. Pain in your stomach or abdominal area
  2. Fever that doesn’t lessen with medication
  3. Any tingling, numbness, or weakness in your knees, groin, or hip areas
  4. Loss of control in bowel movements and bladder

Remember, these are very serious symptoms in addition to the back pain. If you live in New York, finding a spinal surgeon is your next course of action.


If your back pain is serious, you want to have an excellent doctor treating you. At NY Spine Center, look no further than Dr. Paul Brisson. He doesn’t suggest spinal surgery at the first sign of pain. Dr. Brisson methodically runs down the list of options before an extreme measure like surgery is needed.

Dr. Brisson will perform a full physical and neurological exam to diagnose you. Of course, he will need your medical history, former scans, or any past surgeries. Make sure to bring any past scans, X-rays, or any other tests you’ve had done. Your medical history is essential in diagnosing you properly, especially when surgery could be involved.

However, some patients have back pain from osteoarthritis, which can be treated with pain medication, special ointments, and corticosteroid injections. Dr. Brisson might suggest acupuncture, massage, and hot and cold compresses as a treatment for spinal arthritis.


Most people might not know when they actually need spine surgery. So, you might be wondering what some of the signs your body is telling you that surgery is needed. It’s possible that severe back pain and other symptoms of lumbar degeneration or disease could be one of those signs that surgery is necessary for your health.

However, if you choose Dr. Brisson as your spine surgeon, you will see that he always uses surgery as a last resort. First, he utilizes physical therapy, stretching, and exercise to reduce your back pain and enable you to move around better. Sometimes physical therapy can do a world of good on your body.

Dr. Brisson doesn’t treat every patient the same. You will receive your own individual attention and treatments. He listens to all his patients. Whether they are still having back pain or other back problems, he’ll take every issue seriously. His patients’ health is his number one priority. Dr. Brisson tries every type of conservative approach to reducing your pain and other major symptoms before he suggests surgery.


If you live in New York, contact Dr. Paul Brisson’s office at NY Spine Care. He’s the best spine surgeon in New York when it comes to patient care and surgery. No one wants to grimace in pain every time they lean over or get out of bed in the morning. Take action now and let Dr. Brisson help relieve your back pain before it’s too late.

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