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Invasive or bloodless, spine surgery takes its toll on you. As the column on which we all lean, our spine can’t seem to get a break, even when we’re relaxing in post-op conditions. You’re always using it, so you should take the absolute best care possible to ensure you don’t undo any of the positive effects of surgery, or further damage your spinal column. Here’s what you can do after you’ve found the best spine surgeon  NYC has to offer, and you’re in the recovery phase.

Short Bursts of Exercise

Recovery doesn’t mean you should allow the rest of your body to atrophy while your spine undergoes revitalization. Plan three short bursts (10 minutes each) of walking every single day. This will allow your spine to heal, but also remind your body that you’re not neglecting it. Once recovery is over, you’ll be firing on all cylinders, and feeling better than ever before.

Avoid Bending, Lifting, and Twisting

If you hear the acronym BLT at your time in a spine surgeons New York office, they’re actually not talking about lunch. Bending, lifting, and twisting are the three main things you’re going to want to avoid. Be conscious of your spine, and the rest of your body while you’re in recovery mode. It’s second nature to bend over to grab something that you’ve dropped, or to twist around sharply when someone grabs your attention. Keep reminding yourself that your recovery is important, and to limit your spinal movements to short bursts of walking and light motions.


So you’re getting back on your feet, and that’s good. You’ll want to take special care of your incision wound, and that’s no easy task when it’s in an unreachable position. While your post-op therapist and doctor will both reinforce this, it’s good to set timers or reminders to clean the area with a light, gentle sponge every four to six hours. In most cases, you’ll be perfectly okay sooner rather than later, but you never want to play it too carefully. Excessive sweating over the course of a single night’s sleep, or sitting in one area for too long, can cause unhygienic bacterial growth around your incision area.

The number one thing you should do post-op is committing to your follow-up appointment with your spine surgeon NYC office, as well as listen to the advice and professional opinion of your post-op therapist. While the work may seem tedious, both only have your best interest at heart, and wish you to make a speedy recovery, while also ensuring that everything during your surgery went off without a hitch.

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