Dr. Brisson has more than 25 years of experience performing lumbar fusion surgeries in New York City, making him one of the experts in the area.

Lumbar spinal fusion is designed to stop movement of a painful vertebral segment in the spine, located between the rib cage and pelvis. By fusing two adjacent vertebrae together, the joint motion can be eliminated, which helps to decrease pain that is caused or worsened by movement.

Although there are many methods that may be used for lumbar fusion surgery, the basic process is to graft the bones to the problematic segment of the spine, stimulating the growth of new bone. As the bone grows between the two vertebrae, it creates a bone fusion. The previously mobile joint is thus replaced by one, long bone. The bone graft may be taken from the patient’s own body or a bone bank, or may be performed using synthetic graft substitute.

Many spinal conditions may require a lumbar fusion surgery, including lumbar degenerative disc disease, spinal decompression for the treatment of spinal stenosis or herniated discs, an unstable spine as a result of tumors or infections, injury-induced fractures, scoliosis, or deformity.

The particular type of lumbar spine surgery will be determined based on extensive examinations and tests. If Dr. Brisson determines that non-invasive treatments are not providing relief, he will provide a comprehensive treatment plan for you and determine if a lumbar spine fusion surgery may be needed, and which type is best for your individual situation.

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