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How a Top New York Spinal Surgeon Can Help Diagnose a Spinal Fracture & Help You Heal

Spinal fractures are serious, and should never be left untreated or unattended. Utilizing top-grade x-ray machinery and methods, Dr. Brisson will determine your specific type of fracture, and suggest a course of action. Different diagnostic tools will be used for different types of fractures, such as:

  • Spinal X-Ray: This will determine if a vertebra has collapsed, and is usually the first step to diagnosing your case.
  • CT Scan: These scans will provide Dr. Brisson with further insight into the state of your fractured bone and surrounding nerves.
  • MRI Scan: If nerve damage has been detected, an MRI will give in-depth analysis of damage, and give insight into the state of your discs.

If you’re experiencing spinal pain, or have been in an accident, you need the top New York spinal surgeon to provide professional analysis and propose a course of action to get you feeling like yourself again.

Slight Spinal Fractures

These are defined as fractures which leave small fragments of bone to pinch your nerves, or dislocate your vertebrae. Depending on the severity of your spinal fracture, you may experience spasms in the muscles of your back. Ligament pain can be common. Slight spinal fractures aren’t always simple to diagnose. Put your trust in the top New York spinal surgeon; going directly to the ER can often lead to misdiagnosis, where you will be prescribed medication to remedy your problem—not fix it.


One of the most common spine-related injuries is whiplash, caused by a rapid jerk of the head, usually in a motor vehicle accident. Some cases of whiplash can be severe, and lead to lifelong issues. With the top New York spinal surgeon to diagnose your case, and act on the best possible route, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Severe Spinal Fractures

These are diagnosed fairly easily, as you will often encounter pain and/or difficulty walking. In some cases, it can lead to temporary paralysis, where bone fragments are pressing down on nerves, rendering sections of your body useless. In most cases of a severe fracture, it will not heal on its own, and you will require the aid of the top New York spinal surgeon for an immediate solution.

Spinal fractures are never to be taken lightly, as they can lead to lifelong debilitating issues when left unchecked. To put the top New York spinal surgeon in your corner, contact the office of Dr. Brisson at (212) 813-3631.

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