Diagnosis and Treatments for Back (Lumbar Spine) Pain

You know first hand how debilitating back (lumbar) pain can be and maybe you’re worried extreme measures are the only option for you. We know that whatever level of pain you’re experiencing in your lower back is made worse by anxiety you may have about what is causing it. Most importantly, you wonder what can I do about it?


NY Spine Care Uses Minimally Invasive Treatment First


“I stumbled on Dr. Brisson through an internet search and feel like I hit the jackpot. I’ve been experiencing lower back problems for 2 years, had an injection and physical therapy without progressing, and needed a new opinion on my options for healing. Dr. Brisson was kind and intelligent diagnosing the problem and exploring what the best treatment would be. He is truly a rare find. Although the office is quite busy, he was extremely warm and not rushed at all when we sat down to talk. Spinal surgery is not to be taken lightly and if I end up going that route I feel I’ve found the man for the job (although he was by no means pushing for that in my case). I only wish he did more than just orthopedics!”

– Adam Y


How does Dr. Brisson diagnose lumbar back pain?

First, Dr. Brisson of NY Spine Care will diagnose your condition with a full physical and neurological exam. He’ll take your medical history and assess any scans or tests you’ve had in the past.

Please bring those with you to your appointment.

If necessary, Dr. Brisson may request additional tests such as an X-ray, CT scan, or an MRI.

“I’ve had several doctors over years for various reasons but Dr. Brisson was first doctor that actually took the time to listen to me when we first met. We spoke about family, we spoke about work, we spoke about life, we spoke about all things I like to do on my free time. We spoke about all these things before we even got down to discussing my condition.”

– David C.


How will Dr. Brisson treat my back pain?

Since so much lumbar (back) pain results from the natural processes of aging such as osteoarthritis, which can include an irreversible disc or cartilage degeneration, to treat the pain Dr. Brisson may recommend

  • pain medications
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • topical ointment
  • or corticosteroid injections into the affected area.

If you are diagnosed with a common condition such as spinal arthritis Dr. Brisson’s recommendations might also include complementary and alternative therapy such as acupuncture, massage, and heat or cold compresses.

Besides pain relief, back arthritis treatment emphasizes exercise, which increases the strength and flexibility of the joints to combat the effects of degeneration. For example, Dr. Brisson may suggest specific exercises to strengthen the muscles supporting the joints, as well as range-of-motion exercises to improve general flexibility.

Many patients seeking treatment for spinal arthritis and other degenerative conditions of the lower (lumbar) spine generally find relief in medication and lifestyle changes, but severe or debilitating cases of spinal osteoarthritis may require back surgery.

In these cases, Dr. Brisson of NY Spine Care in NYC will discuss your options for back pain treatment and determine the appropriate surgical procedure for you.