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Advantages of Bloodless Spine Surgery NYC

Bloodless surgery focuses around minimizing the amount of blood loss during and post-surgery. Information on bloodless surgery provides insight into various questions often raised by patients. Bloodless spine surgery can provide increased survival rates, shorter recovery times, and narrow the scope of potential issues found during the surgical process.

Less Invasive Means

Avoiding the possibility of blood transfusions during surgery will lead to a quicker recovery time. This also means you run zero risks of receiving infected blood or receiving the wrong type of blood in a transfusion. Certain risks are eliminated, while others diminish, such as cardiac arrest and immunological complications.

Your Hospital Stay is Reduced 

One common concern among patients is the length of their hospital stay. By reducing the necessity for invasive procedures, your recovery time is reduced. Shorter hospital stays are coupled with easier recovery at home. After receiving spinal surgery, your full recovery time can span from six weeks up until one year, depending on the specific procedure. Bloodless surgery minimizes that time.

Reducing Costs to Patients 

Patients with minimal coverage insurance or those who are self-pay often worry about the initial cost of receiving any surgery. Bloodless surgery reduces hospital costs, the number of days spent in the hospital, and the need for blood draws beforehand.

Is Bloodless Surgery For Me? 

If you’re wondering if bloodless surgery is an option you would like to explore, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I worried about receiving the wrong blood in a transfusion?
  • Do I want to risk the potential problems with large volumes of blood loss?
  • Can I afford to spend extra days in hospitalized care?
  • Am I nervous about post-surgical complications?
  • Will my allergies get in the way of traditional surgical approaches?

Bloodless surgery takes many of the associated risks out of the equation. If you fear allergic reactions, responding poorly to blood transfusions, or you’re generally concerned about the entire process of undergoing surgery, bloodless spine surgery may be an option for you.

Contact the office of Dr. Brisson today to schedule a consultation and receive additional information about your candidacy for bloodless spine surgery in NYC.

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