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5 Pain Relief Stretches from Your Sciatica Manhattan NY Doctor

Sciatica can be extremely disruptive to your day—there’s no telling what twists and turns it’s going to take today, but either way, you know it’s not going to be comfortable. Here are five pain relief stretches recommended by your sciatica Manhattan NY doctor.

  1. Pigeon Pose

This was originally a yoga move but works great to alleviate sciatica pain. There are many ways to do this stretch; most commonly, you will lay on your back, and then pull one leg straight up, locking your fingers behind your thigh. Drop your ankle atop the knee of your other leg, and use the second leg to pull your first leg inward. This stretches out your muscles and opens up the hips.

  1. Backwards Stretch

This is another position where you’ll be laying on the floor. Pull up your affected leg, and put your ankle flat on the floor just outside of your stationary legs’ knee. From here, stretch the middle of your body in the direction of your affected leg. The key to this is knowing when you feel the stretch, and not overworking yourself and hurting yourself in the process.

  1. To the Shoulder Stretch

While lying on the floor, cross your affected leg directly over your other knee. The trick to this is aligning it properly so you don’t hurt yourself. Pull back both of your legs, bringing the affected leg towards your shoulder. Be sure to hold that position for as long as you can, no more than 30 seconds, and you should feel the full effect.

  1. Bedside Sciatica Stretch

Sometimes, you’ve slept incorrectly, and it’s difficult to get out of bed in the morning. This one is very simple. Pull your knees inward to your chest while laying on your back in bed, and hold them there for no more than 30 seconds. If you feel relief, do this two more times before getting out of bed.

  1. Bedside Back Crane

This is another great stretch you can do in bed. Lay on your stomach, put your hands directly out in front of you like the Sphinx, and gently curve your back until your head is in an upward

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