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Find Relief from Neck Pain, Numbness, and Weakness

It’s crucial to get neck pain treatment as soon as possible to live a pain-free life and prevent the possibility of additional damage.

A Few Causes of Neck Pain

  1.   Disease — neck pain can be a side effect of rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis, cancer and more.
  2.   Herniated disc — the cushions between vertebrae have a soft nucleus and tough shell. If any of the nucleus matter pushes through the shell, it can compress nerves.
  3.   Spinal stenosis — a narrowing of the spinal canal pinches the nerves. Common to people over age 50,  osteoarthritis results from normal wear and tear, but treatment can relieve symptoms.
  4.   Muscle strains — overworking the muscles by spending too many hours hunched over your electronics or doing too many reps at the gym.
  5.   Whiplash — whenever the head is yanked back and forth quickly, the soft tissues of the neck might get stretched farther than they should.

If you experience acute neck pain plus confusion, drowsiness, fever, headache, light sensitivity or vomiting, cervical spine pain may be just a symptom of a more serious problem. You need neck pain treatment immediately to discover the underlying cause, which may be a medical emergency.

Surgery Options for Neck Pain

Neck pain treatment always starts with physical therapy. Options include stretching and exercise to relieve pain and increase range of motion; anti-inflammatory medications or muscle relaxants; steroidal injections at the location of the pain. When these don’t do enough, one of these neck pain surgery options may be indicated:

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) removes one or more herniated discs and joins two adjacent vertebrae together.

Cervical Spine Fusion joins two bones to help stabilize the neck; in some cases, titanium implants or plates join the vertebrae together until new bone grows between them.

Posterior Laminectomy and Laminoplasty reduce pinching on the nerves by removing the thin bony layer covering the spinal canal so a disc can move back into place while removing bone spurs in the canal.

Cervical Corpectomy and Fusion removes a whole vertebra or disc then joins surrounding vertebrae.

Complex Revision of an ACDF removes previously inserted implants and hardware which have failed or inserts new hardware, implants or additional bone grafts.

Dr. Brisson will always explain the details, risks, and benefits of any procedure. After 25 years in practice in Manhattan, Dr. Brisson has earned a reputation few physicians can match for relieving pain. Contact the office today if you need neck pain relief. The sooner treatment starts, the sooner you find relief.

Back Pain in the Morning? Here are Some Tips

Many people experience low back pain upon waking up, and Paul Brisson, MD, wants to help you alleviate that pain. Pain in the lumbar spine is common and can be debilitating, but it is also treatable. Before you decide you “just have to live with it”, you need to know the real problem and your options to fix that problem.

Why Do You Have Morning Back Pain?

  1. Serious diseases, including inflammatory back pain or fibromyalgia, are rare. If you have either condition, you’ll feel better just by getting up and moving around but you’ll probably have symptoms beyond morning pain.
  2. Disc degeneration includes spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, and other conditions. We can’t avoid growing old, but treatment can relieve much discomfort.
  3. Lifestyle-based chronic pain — stress, overdoing it at the gym (or never exercising) and poor sleeping posture are some causes. Once identified, your activities can be modified to reduce or eliminate pain.
  4. Incident-based acute pain — disc herniation, muscle tear, strain or spasm, ligament tear, to name a few. Treatment will prevent additional damage as it reduces symptoms.

Morning Back Stretches

A few simple moves can help a lot:

Full Back Flex — Lay on your back, pull both knees to your chest while pulling your head forward until you feel your lower back stretch.

Half Back Flex — Lay on your back with knees bent and heels on the floor, pull one knee with both hands toward the chest.

Kneeling Lunge — Kneel on one knee with the opposite foot flat on the floor and your hands atop the forward thigh, gently lean forward until you feel a stretch in the front of the kneeling leg.

New York City Spine Surgeon Testimonials

“Dr. Brisson is an excellent doctor. I have been treated by Dr. Brisson in the past. He was a 10 then, and nothing has changed. He is still a great doctor.”

– R. Hudson

“Dr. Brisson presents himself as a real human being: caring, kind, capable and a smart, dry sense of humor. I’m fortunate to have this surgeon for my spinal problems.’

– E. L. Worth

Read more here then contact us with questions so you can make a sound decision. Dr. Paul Brisson has been helping people get the right back pain treatment for 25 years and is acknowledged as the best back pain doctor in New York City. Isn’t it time you got the help you need?

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