With more than 25 years of experience performing surgery, Dr. Brisson has helped many individuals improve their quality of life. Here are a few reviews from some happy patients:


PHENOMENAL DOCTOR!!! Last year, I had very severe back pain. I could not sit nor stand for more than three minutes without feeling pain. I came to see Dr. Brisson and he recommended surgery. At first I was nervous, but once Dr. Brisson explained everything in detail. I felt fairly comfortable with the procedure. The result was surprising even for me. Three weeks after surgery, I felt great!! I was back to my old self!! Dr. Brisson completely changed my life!”
— Leonard G.

Dr. Brisson is a truly amazing doctor. I came to him with astonishing pain in my lower back and neck. I had no hope left for my condition. I was in very bad pain to the point where I could not enjoy any part of my life. Of course I was hesitant about surgery, but after having surgery with Dr. Brisson I can say nothing but thanks. Dr. Brisson changed my life tremendously.”
— K.K.

Dr. Brisson is an excellent doctor. I have been treated by Dr. Brisson in the past. He was a 10 then, and nothing has changed. He is still a great doctor. The young ladies at the front desk are also a 10. They are very nice. They greet you with a smile, also very informative.”
— R. Hudson

Dr. Brisson performed my spinal surgery 8 years ago. In my opinion, he is the best there is. He told me exactly what was needed and why. He made sure that my fears were as minimal as possible and I was availed to talking with his PA at any point in time, both pre and post surgery. I found Dr. Brisson to be a true professional who genuinely cared about the quality of my care as well as the quality of my recovery. I would recommend him to anyone and I know that if, God forbid, any of my children or grandchildren should need such care, HE would be my doctor of choice.”
— R.Mohan

Dr. Brisson presents himself as a real human being: caring, kind, capable and a smart, dry sense of humor. I’m fortunate to have this surgeon for my spinal problems.”
— E.L. Worth

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