Scoliosis Surgery & Treatment In Manhattan NY

Dr. Brisson is one of the top scoliosis surgeons in New York, treating both adult and pediatric scoliosis. His approach to scoliosis treatment is consistent with his methodology of utilizing non-invasive treatments first and using surgery only as a last resort. Dr. Brisson always aims to find the best solution for evaluating the curve’s progression and the patient’s medical history for insight into potential genetic factors. The end goal is to find the best solution to help patients move forward with a healthy, pain-free life.

Scoliosis symptoms include a curvature of the spine, with possible pain and discomfort. There are three main approaches for scoliosis treatment: observation, scoliosis bracing, and scoliosis surgery. The type of treatment is usually based on the severity of the curve in the spine and the chances of scoliosis getting worse.

Scoliosis observation

Scoliosis observation is appropriate for small curves that are at low risk of progression. Follow-up x-rays are recommended annually for children, and less frequently as patients mature if the symptoms do not worsen.

Scoliosis bracing

Scoliosis bracing is useful for those who have the condition and are still growing. This type of orthopedic bracing aims to keep the curve from progressing as the body continues to grow. Bracing can be effective for children, but for adults who have already achieved full skeletal growth, a brace is likely not an effective solution.

Scoliosis surgery

Scoliosis surgery is an option to surgically stabilize and realign a curved spine. The goal of scoliosis surgery is to fuse vertebrae together in order to hold the spine straight. Rods and screws can be used to hold the spine in place while the bones fuse together. Scoliosis surgery can be approached in two ways: from the back with a posterior surgical approach, or from the front with an anterior surgical approach. The surgery method is determined by the location of the spine curve.

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