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Cervical Spine Fusion

Cervical Spine FusionCervical spine fusion is a procedure that joins two bones in the neck, the area known as the cervical spine. Dr. Brisson often performs cervical spine surgery to treat a variety of spine conditions.

Also known as “arthrodesis,” cervical fusion can help stabilize the neck. Following a spine injury, there is risk that a bone fracture may cause instability in the neck or damage the spinal cord, which can lead to nerve damage and even paralysis. The cervical spine surgery fuses two vertebral segments, eliminating the risk of nerve damage. In addition, a cervical spinal fusion may be done to correct misalignment of the vertebrae.

Sometimes, this surgery is needed as a follow-up procedure for other conditions, such as spinal stenosis, herniated discs, spinal tumors, and deformities. Generally, fusion surgery is required after a spinal decompression surgery, which may destabilize the spine.

Dr. Brisson evaluates each patient to determine the best method for cervical spinal fusion. One common method involves bridging two adjacent vertebrae with bones obtained from the patient or a bone bank, or with synthetic grafts known as PEEK implants, which are made with plastic and natural human tissue.

Another option is to use titanium implants or plates to join the vertebrae together until new bone grows between them. In cases of spinal stenosis or herniated discs, a corpectomy may be performed, which involves removing the entire vertebrae or disc, and then the surrounding vertebrae can be joined.

If you are experiencing cervical spine pain or any other type of back pain, then we encourage you to schedule a consultation as soon as possible. Dr. Brisson has extensive experience with numerous types of spine surgery, allowing him to determine the best treatment method for your individual situation.