What is bloodless spine surgery?

Bloodless Spine SurgeryBloodless spine surgery is aimed at minimizing blood loss during surgical procedures. The goal is to avoid the need for blood transfusions during surgery or recovery. Scientific evidence indicates that general patient health is easier to post-surgically optimize when blood transfusions are avoided during surgery.

Specific advantages of bloodless spine surgery include:

  • Lower rates of post surgery complications, including cardiac arrest, infection, immunological complications, allergic reactions, and blood-borne viruses
  • Faster recovery time and shorter hospital stay
  • No risk of receiving the wrong blood type or infected blood

Dr. Brisson has received a Certificate of Recognition from the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Institute (BMSI). His knowledge, years of surgical experience and detail-oriented approach help facilitate for minimal blood loss during surgery.

“As an operating room nurse for 30 years I continue to be extremely impressed by Dr. Paul Brisson’s exceptional surgical skills, technique, and judgment. Dr. Brisson exemplifies all of the advantages of a virtually ‘bloodless’ surgery where essentially little to no blood is lost during the operation because of his meticulous surgical skills. His professionalism and genuine compassion in comprehensive patient care are second to none and I consider myself privileged to have worked with him.”
– Karen H., RN