Back bone spur treatment

Spine bone spurs are a common side effect of aging, and many patients in New York City visit Dr. Brisson to find relief from their back pain.

As the spine degenerates, often due to the natural aging process, the cartilage covering the ends of joint bones begins to wear down. This spinal condition is known as osteoarthritis, or spinal arthritis. Without cartilage to protect the joint, the bones rub together and cause an increase in friction, stress, and pressure. As the body attempts to combat this wear, it results in excess bone growths, which form back bone spurs, also known as osteophytes. In turn, the back bone spurs may lead to spinal stenosis, which is an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal that can cause nerve pinching and pain in the limbs.

Spine bone spurs, contrary to the name, are usually smooth extra bones. In the narrow spinal canal, the extra material can cause wear and tear and pain if it presses upon other parts of the spine, especially if the extra bones are pressing on nerves. Back pain, numbness, and weakness are common symptoms of back bone spurs as the facet joints become inflamed and the surrounding nerves are compressed.

If you are experiencing mild or moderate symptoms, you may be able to find relief through non-surgical back bone spur treatments. These include anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, and pain medications, as well as steroid injections to reduce joint swelling and inflammation. As with many spine conditions, Dr. Brisson may recommend physical therapy and exercises for the treatment of spine bone spurs. These rehabilitation therapies attempt to improve flexibility, posture, and strength in the neck and back, which may help alleviate compression on the nerves. Patients whose conditions do not improve with conservative treatment may need to consider surgery for spine bone spurs.

Conservative treatments are always the first option for back bone spur treatment. However, Dr. Brisson may recommend and perform spine surgery, such as a laminectomy, to treat severe cases of bone spurs. These procedures attempt to relieve pain and other symptoms by removing the problematic bone spurs and thickened ligaments. As a leading spine specialist and surgeon, Dr. Brisson seeks to provide the best solution for patients looking for back bone spurs treatment and surgery in New York City.